Javadoc-Junit is a ANT Task which extends the optional JUnit Task and includes some Javadoc informations in the resulting JUnit test report.

The javadoc information is not directly retrieved from the test class source files, because the sources doesn't need to exist during running the tests and generating the test reports.

To achieve this design goal, the needed javadoc informations are retrieved during a separate javadoc task with a special doclet. The javadoc informations are then serialized to files and stored with the class files themself. In this way only the class files with the serialized javadocs are needed to generate the javadoc-junit test reports.

Modification information

The source files contain copies or slightly modified versions of the source files of the apache ant junit task. This project is based on the optional ant task, because of the great usability of the html test reports generated by this task. IMHO the XSLT generator is quite efficient, but modifications in layout is not so easy. This is why this project uses a template engine to generate the html pages. In this way modifications in layout can be done very easy by everyone who knows to write html pages.

Note to the authors of the ANT Junit task

I would appreciate to add the code of this project to the standard ANT code. Please let me know if you are interested to do so.